FlexiFunnels- A Platform to Create Websites & Online Courses Without Coding


Misfits Change Makers Pvt Ltd’ that was working on this cutting-edge tech ‘FlexiFunnels’ for the last 3 years, has made something that couldn’t even be thought of as a few years ago actually possible today. That too in such an effortlessly easy way that it feels almost magical.

They’ve made building websites, marketing funnels, online courses, and setting up an entire online business so easy that any person with even no technical background also can do it completely on their own. They even shared a video of a 6th class student making a website using FlexiFunnels using their simple drag-n-drop solution... without coding.

I'll be honest, at first, I laughed at the idea because to me it was impossible. After all, all my technically sound friends have done years of college study or training to be able to do this.

But when I saw the video of a kid actually making a website on her own with just a few minutes of training, that laughter quickly turned into curiosity. That’s when I started to dig deep into this tool.

The further I explored, the more I was blown away by the ground-breaking tool that they have built, and the more confident I got with my realisation that “FlexiFunnels is gonna completely transform how online business is done FOREVER”.

To be frank, this is a much-needed revolution. We just talked about the website part but there is so much more inside FlexiFunnels. Like integration with Indian payment gateways so you create online products & collect payments online. Then they have course hosting and other digital products automatic access delivery feature. They also have tools for lead generation & collecting data in one place so that you can market to them.

They have literally taken away all the technical limitations that a person has in setting up their own online business. Earlier, even if someone had ideas to create an online business, the thought of hiring expensive coders or developers will stop them. And even if a few people would actually do that, the turnaround by coders and to & fro conversation is way too time-consuming. 

Inside FlexiFunnels, they have a “done for you” setup for all this, and also they have tools in which you can do everything from scratch on your own. So all the tech parts of setting up an online business you can do in just one afternoon. That’s how easy & quick it is. 

- From setting up your website, landing pages & online products

- to collect payments

- creating online courses

- making converting funnels

- to having all your data segmented in one place

- to get leads and sales

- doing follow-up marketing

- many advanced features like bump offers, coupons, countdown timers, pop-ups,

…and much more from one single dashboard.


FlexiFunnels is an "All-in-One Business Centralization Platform". Their simple plug-n-play system is perfectly designed to help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality.

It is for anyone:

- who wants to start their online business from scratch with zero technical or marketing skills

- someone who wants to scale their existing online business faster

- coaches, course creators, influencers & entrepreneurs who want to create and sell digital products with ease

- freelancers, agencies, and service owners to work with clients

...and anyone who wants to get started in the online business world without having to deal with the 10+ different complicated & expensive tools o hiring expensive developers.

FlexiFunnels has been created by the renowned internet entrepreneur “Saurabh Bhatnagar”. He says “We are just happy because of the fact that FlexiFunnels will help so many entrepreneurs' dreams turn into reality & will truly help people live their internet dream. I am excited to see so many entrepreneurial dreams coming to life because of us.”


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