A Conventional Entrepreneur, An Unconventional Vision- Nitesh Sinha

Nitesh Sinha- CEO of Sacumen’

Nitesh Sinha proudly describes his ‘traditional’ entrepreneurial journey, with a twist

While entrepreneurial stories hailing back to childhood innovations and personalities are a common sight these days, Nitesh Sinha describes his stint with entrepreneurship as traditional. After working for over 14 years in the field of cybersecurity products and solutions, this “technology guy” made two realizations. One, that there is a pressing need for a niche cybersecurity company that specializes in the domain. And two, that he could do it better than anyone else.   

This is how his one-of-a-kind enterprise, Sacumen, was born. 

Venturing into a Unique Niche

Sacumen has solely partnered with cyber security product firms to build unique goods and solutions since its inception. Today, the company has reached a milestone of a 100+ strong team working towards making the world a safer place. 

“We are living in a pizza culture today where people expect immediate fulfilment of their requirements,” shares Nitesh, talking about the concept behind establishing a niche enterprise in this sector. “The same expectations are now being applied to cybersecurity as well.” The Founder and CEO of Sacumen was quick to realize that customers were not being able to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in real-time, and it was here that the power of automation could be leveraged. 

Nitesh envisioned Sacumen as a key connector, or third-party player, that could help cybersecurity companies extend the capabilities of their products and offer greater value for clients across the cybersecurity value chain. Sacumen’s role as a differentiator and enabler in the market was thus clear. 

To date, Sacumen has developed more than 750+ connectors to foster product development for solving real-world cybersecurity challenges. With its robust delivery processes, reusable libraries, templates QA automation frameworks, solutions, and widespread access to target systems, Sacumen is catering to the customer’s demand for high-quality and predictable connectivity. 

A Living, Breathing Ecosystem

Sacumen is arguably the only company in the world that works solely with cybersecurity product companies, thus being able to specialize in their demands with evolving times. It owns two IPs in the connector space – CaaS and DaaS – that help clients onboard their connector engineering programs at pace. Over time, Sacumen has been able to build a dynamic ecosystem of over 200+ companies, offering automation, quality, and speed to their engineering initiatives. 

Looking ahead, Sacumen wishes to sustain this momentum in the next five years, with a strong vision to achieve 100% year-on-year growth. Sacumen’s product arm is envisaged to bring 70% of the revenue compared to the current 15%. 

At the same time, CEO Nitesh Sinha plans on boosting the number of business powerhouses from the current 4 to at least 8 in the near future. These powerhouses function as mini corporations, allowing Sacumen members to pursue their business ambitions in real-life scenarios. His company relies on the critical pillars of ownership and teamwork, working in the spirit of ‘WE’ instead of ‘ME’. Moves like enhancing powerhouses is just another step in this direction. 

Steering an Entire Industry Forward

Through his visionary foundations of an enterprise catering to the cybersecurity industry’s enduring problems, Nitesh is truly driving the entire industry towards revolution. 

When discussing what unsolved difficulties the sector may face in the near future, Nitesh points out that the cyber security industry has been actively consolidating through mergers and acquisitions. People want to install or deploy the bare minimum of cybersecurity products and solutions in their environment but still be able to meet all of their cyber security concerns to the fullest extent possible.

This is only feasible by combining the best of the capabilities offered by several solutions in various cyber security domains. OEMs should focus on building integrations rather than developing capabilities from the ground up. A few major players have already begun to do so, but there is still a long way to go.



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