Ayush Shukla | Founder of FINNET MEDIA

Ayush Shukla | Founder of FINNET MEDIA

Ayush Shukla is an entrepreneur, creator, and podcast host. Ayush Shukla is the founder of Finnet Media, which is a content writing agency. The company is called Finnet Media, managing a team of around 8-10 people and generating revenues of over 13 crores per year.

Beginning of Career

Ayush Shukla has taken things to the next level. Ayush Shukla started his own podcast mini adult troubles. It was all about meeting with people of a higher level and interacting with them. Slowly and steadily his podcast attained people’s attraction. Consequently, Ayush got into digital marketing, where he learned about various things like e-commerce, drop shipping, and digital media. Eventually, he began his dropshipping store.

Within 3 months, Ayush earned over 10 lakhs of revenue and he was profitable. Later, Ayush realized that money is bleeding out, 2 lakh every month and he immediately stopped the operations. From the process, he attained a lot of real-life experience.

About Finnet Media

After migrating to Bhopal, Ayush thought of giving it a last shot. He talked with some of his friends and grabbed a job in an ed-tech company. He started giving time to his agency simultaneously.

Finnet media is an influencer marketing and creator management agency. The team of Finnet Media believes in enabling and enhancing creators. He signed one of the influencers named Anushka Rathore. Anushka had merely 2000 followers and today she has a fanbase of around 450 thousand followers. Numerous influencers and creators have provided resources and support to the agency.

Likewise every startup, the initial days were crazy but, it was not as smooth as it looks. Everyone was raising questions in front of him about leaving a stable source of income for this unconventional thing. But Ayush’s determination and hard work made it happen. Finnet media earned 13 crores in the last 10 months of operation.

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