Crafting Dreams in Icing: Meet The Cake Artist Prachi Dhabal Deb

Prachi Dhabal Deb

When Prachi Dhabal Deb baked a cake at the age of 10 years, little did she know that she would become a cake connoisseur in India. Based in Pune, the 37-year-old cake artist recently made headlines by creating a 200 kg edible structure of an Indian-inspired Palace, made entirely of vegan royal icing – a feat that earned her a world record. Not just that, she has also bagged two other World Records- for creating the biggest vegan royal icing structure and for the maximum number of vegan royal icing structures.

Born in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh and raised in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Prachi used to be fascinated with beautifully decorated cakes at the local bakeries. She used to take a lot of interest in baking and crafts while growing up. “During my childhood, every birthday used to be about dreaming of a grand princess cake or a castle cake straight out of Enid Blyton’s fairy tales!” reminisces Prachi.


Surprisingly, becoming a cake artist was never her career plan. She was happily working as a Financial Analyst at an MNC. It was during a short break from her job that she explored the world of cake making, and the rest is history.

Creativity in Veins!

“I believe, within me, resides the soul of an artist. Creativity is something that comes naturally to me. Whenever I have to create something new, the excitement to make it does everything,” explains the Queen of Royal Icing. For Prachi, designing a cake is like painting on a canvas. Cake decoration is a long process; from visualisation to craftsmanship, she utilises her creative energy and passion and always makes sure that her hands design something truly extraordinary.

Acknowledging her success, Prachi credits the world-renowned cake artist Eddie Spence MBE for playing a pivotal role in her journey. When she started her journey as a cake artist in 2012, she invested her time in extensive experimentation, exploring different techniques and trends. However, it was her guidance under Sir Eddie in London in 2015 that significantly influenced her path and honed her skills as a cake artist.

Challenges In The Path!

Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors. When Prachi entered into the cake artistry, the industry was in its nascent stages. So, to make a mark and earn a name had been quite challenging for her. Furthermore, there were not many Indian companies that were manufacturing the raw materials for this kind of baking. Prachi had to source the materials and ingredients from abroad. She emphasises, “Customers are the heartbeat of purpose. To educate them about customised cakes, the values and emotions attached to them and why they are expensive, compared to normal bakery cakes, was a big challenge.”


Despite the storms she faced, Prachi kept pushing forward, conquering all the challenges that came her way.

Regal in Appeal, Delicious in Taste

Baking and decorating are absolutely different. Prachi believes that it is important to strike the right balance between taste and visual appeal. The taste of the cake should complement the aesthetic appeal. In her quest for inspiration, Prachi draws from diverse sources surrounding her–be it the landscapes, handlooms and embroideries, or even the architecture.

“My objective is always clear– to design cakes where the taste and the stunning beauty of the cake harmoniously come together, creating a well-balanced and captivating experience.”


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