Dabock Is Leveraging AI to Boost The Gross Margins Of Indian Local Shops By 50%


The retail ecosystem of India holds about 88% of the overall retail market and is highly unorganized. This unorganized sector, including Kirana shops, is the major source of livelihood for a significant part of Indian society.

But with the increasing market of e-Commerce, these local shops are suffering a lot to earn their livelihood and are also losing their customer base. With effect to this, the share of trade managed by Kirana stores is expected to decline. By the end of this year, their market share is expected to go down to 75% from the current level of 88%.

Dabock was founded by Mukul Batra to enable these local small shops and Kirana stores to earn and sustain the competition. This tech startup enables local shops to provide discounts of up to 10% to their customers with its proprietary RD’s (Ray Dalio) algorithm and strategic discounting.

Dabock: Founder

Dabock was established in May 2020. Dabock is standing at MVP stage (MVP + Early revenue stage), and has vision to make Indian local shops competitive enough to compete with big e-Commerce players. 

Dabock binds local shops together, turns them into branded shops, and using discounting strategies, as a result it increases the Gross margins for them.


Dabock makes its operations on an AF50 model. Dabock is building a portfolio that will facilitate local shops' portfolio advisory and give them up to 30% returns.

Dabock’s competitors can’t give discounts of more than 5%, but we using Dabockx can give discounts of up to 10% & also increase the 3 Month ROI for our partner stores to 50%.

Growth And Future of Dabock 

In the real-time scenario, Dabock has a network of 5,000 + local shops having a GMV of USD 150 Million. Dabock has raised $10,000 from the family but with no equity dilution. Dabock has 4 members in its team, Dabock has reached $1.1 Million in revenue & $150 Million in GMV.

Dabock has a clear vision to touch the reach of 10,500 stores in the current year and $20 Million in revenue within 5 months. Dabock is planning to raise $1.5 Million in funding to build its platform and for expansion.

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