Fighting Air Pollution, Gurugram-based Startup E-POLLUTION

Gurugram-based Startup E-POLLUTION

Air pollution is the major cause of raising serious health issues and with increasing vehicle usage, the level of air pollution in India keeps on rising.

As per the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), in 2020, India was ranked 3rd as the world’s most polluted country with automobiles.

The government is trying its best to accelerate the EV movement in India. It is observed that a lot of people are not showing their concern for the rising pollution and are even irresponsible for their vehicle pollution check on time.

Gurugram-based startup E-POLLUTION took the initiative to resolve this issue through its app.

E-POLLUTION | Vehicle Pollution Expiry Notification App | Founding Team

E-POLLUTION was founded by Aditya Bobal, and Shikhar Swaroop. E-POLLUTION is a vehicle pollution expiry notification app that automatically generates reminders when their vehicle pollution card is about to expire.

It is India’s only Vehicle Pollution Expiry Notification Application that keeps users informed and enables them to get their Pollution under Control certificate on time.

Someone mentioned, Vehicles are the most common cause of air pollution, and we have examined that, more than 5 million vehicles have been fined in the last 4 years for not having a valid Pollution check certification. People forgot to get the pollution check on time, resulting in getting fined by traffic police for not having a valid PUC certificate.

Future Plans

E-POLLUTION facilitates their users to get their vehicles’ pollution checks done through the app.

The startup is expected to launch the Android and iOS versions of its app.

As per Aditya, E-POLLUTION is at the final stages of introducing the app, and soon users will be able to book their slot for PUC (Pollution under Control) certificate from the app.

The startup has an expansion plan but is now currently focusing on the Gurugram-based areas. E-POLLUTION is also expected to foot into more cities.

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