GlaMate Is Enabling in Finding the Beauty Products


Each individual in this world has a different skin type and tone. Choosing a suitable beauty product that eventually matches your skin requirement can be exhausting. From the bunch of thousands of brands selling the same products, choosing the beauty products sometimes becomes a game of stress.

Understanding the skin type of an individual and helping people pick the right beauty products makes it easy to make a choice. Sharmila Gayathri Chalasani and Vignesh Charllo were the founders of GlaMate which is an AI-supported beauty products advisor and cost comparison platform.

The platform inherits data-driven algorithms that help in increasing the recommendations of their products to customers to make the journey efficient.

Founding Team | GlaMate

GlaMate was founded by Sharmila Gayathri Chalasani and Vignesh Charllo in the month of May 2021. GlaMate is an AI supporter platform that works as a beauty product recommender and cost comparison platform.

The Beginning of GlaMate

This AI supporter platform leverages technology to resolve the problem and advises many ideas of developing an AI algorithm by the experts of data scientists and dermatologists her senior Vignesh. For the past two years, both of the founders were planning to analyze the Indian market and took a survey with the help of a private agency of around more than 300 people. In the respective survey, they asked questions about people’s skin issues, skin type, product needs, and many more detailed questions.

USP of GlaMate

GlaMate gave a new-age shopping experience to users and permitted them to pick the beauty product with minimal research work.

GlaMate compares the cost of other online stores, enabling you to purchase at an affordable price.

Future Goals

The GlaMate startup is planning to take a step into the cosmetics market with its own-built products.

In addition to this, they are planning to add personalized touch into it. The company is planning to facilitate the dermatologist consultancy service on its platform.

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