How SmartGRID Mattress ‘woke’ the Sleep Industry

The Sleep Company

Mattress Industry is experiencing a lifestyle renaissance with the entrance of technology in sleep science. Traditionally, Mattress purchases have been one of those complex in-store transactions, jammed into showrooms with a confusing array of mattress models claiming ergonomic springs or gel foams. While the term "disruption" has become somewhat cliche in today's tech world, it may be that mattress startups are actually shaking things up. However, rather than the conventional and more agile approach, there is space for innovation and evolution. The emerging new frontier in comfort, The Sleep Company has lately ‘woke’ the sleep industry with its extraordinary SmartGRID Mattresses. 

Evolving Comfort for the future 

We spend one-third of our life sleeping on a mattress, which coincides with the amount of time we presumably spend on our smartphones. While we spend a big chunk of money every two years on a smartphone, mattresses are considered an expensive purchase, even if we only buy them once every five or more years. Sleep deprivation has been proven scientifically to produce consequences ranging from inappropriate balance, abnormal weight gain, and continual mood swings to cardiovascular dysfunctions weakened immunity, and elevated diabetes risks, which we as Indians should seriously consider. 

A recent survey revealed that consumers are overwhelmed by the plethora of options available in the mattress market. They’re confused about when to replace a mattress and how to buy mattress online. The generally slow-moving mattress industry evolved at its own speed for decades. Perhaps the most significant advancements happened decades ago, with the memory foam mattress. However, a huge proportion of the population has had difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up. For something so vital to human well-being, this has been an odd exception to the tremendous speed of innovation that has occurred in so many other sectors. Historically, mattresses provided a bargain. You may have either soft softness for a good night's sleep or solid support for improved posture, but not both. However, The SmartGRID Mattress is defying the old & traditional mattress rules. 

The Sleep Company is India’s leading comfort innovation company and the creator of the revolutionary patented SmartGRID mattress. Founded in 2019, The Sleep Company aims to redefine sleep culture through the scientific innovation of patented SmartGRID Technology. The SmartGRID mattress is the result of SmartGRID Technology, an innovation that has redefined the whole definition of comfort & simultaneously evolving comfort for our future. 

How Smart is SmartGRID Technology?

The Sleep Company has pioneered the Smart Sleep Technology with the introduction of the first & only SmartGRID mattress. After years of rigorous research, SmartGRID was invented by DRDO scientists. It is a hyper-elastic polymer grid that stretches to relieve pressure points while cradling sleepers in the mattress material, providing solid support that also adjusts to body shape.

SmartGRID is not memory foam, latex, or a spring mattress, and it's the only mattress with a grid-shaped hyper-elastic polymer. The SmartGRID construction allows the grids’ walls to bend down on body curvatures like the hips and shoulders, ensuring that there is no pressure placed on any part of your body while also providing enough cradling and cushioning. No matter how you sleep, it is firm enough to support your back and spine, but also soft enough to adapt to the shape of your body. The 2500 air channels in a SmartGRID structure facilitate enough airflow, giving cooling comfort during sweltering nights. When you toss and turn during sweating nights, you may feel disturbance across the mattress. SmartGRID mattresses allow zero partner disturbance for your uninterrupted night’s sleep. With their spectrum of the soft, medium, and firm mattresses, the SmartGRID mattresses have become a favourite in most Indian families.

India’s first SmartGRID mattress is driven by a SmartGRID Technology that promises to make the benefits of a good night's sleep accessible to everyone. The Sleep Company offers several extra perks such as 10 year warranty, hassle-free delivery & even 100 night trial that can make your purchase a sleep-worthy investment, especially if you're seeking the best pricing on a dual comfort mattress online. 

Three years in, and with a big family of happy sleepers under its belt, The Sleep Company shows no signs of stopping, recently releasing a suite of Smart products including SmartGRID Office Chairs and a cooling mattress advancement with SnowTec cooling Technology. Furthermore, The Sleep Company offers an excellent assortment of Elev 8 adjustable bed with an upholstered bed frame that is created for maximum comfort and support. It is a great starting point to experience the convenience and health benefits of an adjustable bed. They are on a mission to improve every individual’s sleep quality with the implementation of sleep science in their pool of smart products and hence they are emerging as the biggest comfort innovation company in India. They stood the test of time with their most innovative sleep products that no one had ever imagined were conceivable. 

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