India Accelerator invests in MOPP (Mad Over Parathas and Pakoras) Foods, a D2C startup


Gurugram-based D2C food startup MOPP Foods raised a closed seed funding from the existing investor network of India Accelerator. By utilizing this funding, the startup is planning to expand capacity in its existing cloud kitchens across Delhi NCR in the country.

MOPP (Mad Over Parathas and Pakoras) Foods was founded in 2019 by Geetika Anand Gupta and Gaurav Gupta. The startup in real-time operates three brands – MOPP - Mad Over Parathas and Pakoras, Mealy, and Mad Over Curry across Delhi NCR. MOPP has reinvented the recipe of pakoras to make it friendlier for delivery purposes. The food it contains is less oily, does not become soggy, and remains crispy for a long period of time as well as at the time of delivery.


“We are currently clocking about 25,000 orders a month with a GMV ARR of Rs 8 crore,” said Geetika Anand Gupta, Co-founder MOPP Foods.

 “We started off with an aim to build a single brand QSR chain focused around popular street-foods and snacks, parathas, and pakoras. We strongly believe that these street foods carry a wider appeal compared to burgers, pizzas, or momos, but still, there is no big brand or chain trying to uplift them in an organized segment. While we have evolved into a multi-brand cloud kitchen over the last two years, our original aim to uplift popular Indian street foods remains the vision of our brand MOPP,” added Gaurav.

The startup claims to have grown at a CAGR of 80 percent over the past three years and is looking to achieve even faster growth now on as the pandemic challenges seem to be behind us. It is looking to rise additional funding to fuel the next stage of scale across Delhi NCR.

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