Indigo Global School is the first School Franchiser to provide Multi Nations Global Curriculum in India

Indigo Global Schools

The Indigo Global School has emerged as a key franchisor in the field of school education in
India. It is the first time that someone has thought so meticulously about every aspect of
schooling so deeply. Dr Manjeet Jain, CEO of Indigo Global School says that the Indigo
Global School education system revolves around a perfect blend of Skills, Values,
technology, flexibility, learning outcomes, creativity, and Global Exposure.
A wide range of ideas is extracted from almost a dozen of countries and a team of 12
professionals has visited 39 countries in the last one and half years to understand the micro
equations of schooling,
Indian DNA - There are several advantages of the modern education system in India. Most
are brought about by science, technology, and innovation. These factors make the modern
Indian education system more widely available, flexible, and convenient. This tech-based
learning system also covers a wider subject area. The crust of the Indian Curriculum
Framework is kept as basic of the entire designing process. The research was carried out for
2-3 years by Teachers, Principals, and Research Scholars in various parts of India irrespective
of the size of the cities or villages.
An Edge of Japanese Legacy - We have imbibed Manners before knowledge from Japan
where the goal for the first 3 years of school is not to judge the child’s knowledge or learning,
but to establish good manners and to develop their character. Even, after-school workshops
for extracurricular courses in groups of small kids are also parts of IGS.  These are designed
by Japanese educators and academic experts, especially for IGS schools.
Finishing from Finland - If parents worry about the unscientific examination system, then
our important part of the examination system from Finland is the answer. NO
STANDARDIZED TESTING is a completely modern and appropriate examination system.
Compulsory or voluntary tests for assessing the students on an individualized basis or racking
overall progress through a multi-disciplinary examination pattern are the mechanisms we
have adopted from Finland.
Understanding research from the USA - You will be witnessing a silver line of the US
education system in IGS schools where Diversity and Inclusion, Flexibility in academics, and
Global exposure and recognition, as well as research and training opportunities for the
students, are included from the USA education structure.
Skills from Singapore – Another Unique Sales Property of our schooling is the inculcation
of a Skill Based syllabus NOTHING TO SOMETHING from Singapore. The course is based
on 96 career options for the future with in-depth details of the skills and qualifications
required. The entire course is designed by leading entrepreneurs with a perfect match of
seminars, sessions, group discussions, and review meetings.
Ease of Schooling from Australia - Making the basics a priority is a concept from Australia
to make the school environment a more equitable place for students and the same has been a
part of the IGS School education system.

So in the right sense, The Indigo Global Schools are the envy of the other schools as the
name triumphs “Indian by DNA and Global by Process”. There will be a new wave of
schooling and it will be interesting to see how it will affect the existing franchisee business.

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