JPMorgan is preferring real estate instead of crypto


The price of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has been stuck near $30k for some period of time. The investors are unable to take over the prices as they are much lower than before to $31k. despite this, JPMorgan suggested investing in real estate rather than crypto as a better alternative option.

JPMorgan depicted that the price of Bitcoin should have touched the rate of $38K, which is 28%more than the current running rate.

JPMorgan is becoming rude to Bitcoin

In general, we always see that the target prices are below the line of market rates. Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou said that the price target of BTC is expected to be $38k. this means that it is expected to see a great jump from here. It can also recover the damage of the alternative coins that were bleeding till now. The $38k is a fair price value for JPMorgan.

This is not the end of the story. JPMorgan is also bullish on the long-term pricing of Bitcoin. They have listed the last price of at least $150k in the upcoming years. The next coming halving can trigger a significant rally which could take the price past the 6-figure mark ($100k).

JPMorgan replaced crypto with real estate

JPMorgan believed to say that he’s being more bullish about crypto replacing real estate as a preferred alternative asset. The recent downturn has affected crypto and other alternative investments, but they also have a major rebounding opportunity from here.

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