Label Kuhoo by Priya Bansal is a perfect choice for fashionable comfort-wear


Label Kuhoo wants to be a subtle and kind support system for the aspiring woman who
wants to gradually transition towards contemporary choices and modern sensibility. The
product range starts from an affordable bracket while still ensuring it's on par in terms of
quality and trends. Homegrown brand Label Kuhoo has created unique capsules to ease
decision fatigue that often comes with choosing one’s loungewear daily.

Label Kuhoo is a Loungewear brand that strives to deliver timeless prints, luxurious &
comfortable fabrics. Label Kuhoo’s muse is a woman who believes in the concoction of
comfort and independence yet believes in donning trend-forward yet sustainable fashion.
Their clothesline collection is a depiction of eloquent work on soft handloom-spun fabric,
made for the modern, aware woman.
Label Kuhoo showcases a wide variety of nightwear and loungewear options they have to
Today they have expanded to include nightwear for men and kids and offer a wide range of
nightwear and loungewear for women. Label Kuhoo has kept sustainability and ethics over
everything, and they are quite vocal about it.
Label Kuhoo claims to be cash-flow positive, and is currently self-funded.With a deep-rooted
focus on creating fashionable yet sustainable products, Label Kuhoo has generated a
revenue of 1 crore in First Year i.e. FY 20-21, followed by 1.72 crores revenue by the
subsequent year.
The brand has been flaunted by a lot of celebrities as well like Nauheed Cyrusi,Esha
Gupta,Shruti Seth, Chitrangada Singh, Sanjana Sanghi, Sunayana Fozdar etc.
According to Priya Bansal, Founder, Label Kuhoo,“I started this brand at the age of 23, while
we aspire is to establish our brand as a leading apparel brand in India, and expand our
product-line to include outerwear garments, in addition to our current line of loungewear .
We also look forward expand our business by opening physical stores in the future,”
She further adds,“What sets us apart from other brands is our commitment towards using
100% pure cotton for all our night suits, and offering a diverse range of high-quality
products that are also sustainably made,”
Label Kuhoo’s business model is solely based on generating revenue through their own
website currently, as they sell their products 100% online.
Their Instagram is also a budding community with more than 55,000 followers already. As a
profitable and bootstrapped business, they’re building on the success of their women's
nightwear line.
In future Label Kuhoo plans to expand their reach by getting registered on several online
marketplaces, such as Amazon and Flipkart, to increase their customer base. In addition,
they plan to open physical stores at various key locations to accentuate their brand
presence and offer their customers the opportunity to experience the products in-person.

“We also plan to introduce an outerwear line to complement our current offerings and cater
to more seasonal demands. Sustainability is important to us, so we aim to launch more
varieties of loungewear and clothing that are not only stylish but also eco-
friendly,”concludes Priya.

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