Leasy has secured $2 million in equity and $15 million in debt


Lima-based Leasy is founded by Italian-born Gregorio Gilardini and Alejandro Garay in 2018. the duo met in Peru years ago and decided that they want to make a social impact using technology and help people escape the poverty box.

With a vision of helping people who want to make money by ride-hailing drivers be able to afford cars and earn a steady income. Traditional institutions charge outrageous interest rates and require heavy down payments, making it nearly impossible for the lower-income population to purchase their own car.

Leasy’s interest rates are far lower in comparison to traditional financing institutions and the terms are much more flexible. They offer loans according to the need of a ride-hailing driver at very nominal prices that match rental market prices with a down payment of 5%, whereas most bank requires 20% to 30% for the same.

Its seed round was led by Magma Partners and other investors including Otto Holdings, Nucleus EMV, BuenTrip Ventures, IncaVentures and GRAM, among others. Leasy is also a part of the Endeavor ScaleUp program.

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