M2P Fintech-Revolution in the Making

Madhusudanan co-founded M2P,

When you are an entrepreneur, life is nothing short of a concoction of failures and successes. More often than not, the former outweighs. And yet, there are some visionaries who can tackle these anchors with courage and determination, turning their dreams into reality. This sheer passion and ability to step out of their comfort zones and embark on something entirely new is what distinguishes them. 

Madhusudan an R, Co-Founder and CEO of M2P Fintech has a similar story – one of highs and lows – in his groundbreaking quest to revolutionize the Indian FinTech segment.

Modernization with a Promise

In the conventional finance ecosystem of the country, challenges around the scalability, security, and reliability of FinTech products persist. The traditional fabric is resistant to sudden change, partly because of the lack of awareness and partly because of the lack of trusted solutions. 

M2P Fintech, as Asia’s largest API infrastructure company, is already changing this shrouded landscape. The organization enables businesses across niches and scales to embed financial solutions to enhance customer experience through an agile and seamless platform. Businesses can also simplify partnerships with banks, PPIs, FIs, and other regulated entities by quickly creating and deploying FinTech solutions. 

M2P Fintech brings deep domain expertise along with impressive speed to these functions. Nonetheless, it ensures no comprise of core partner expectations – scalability, security, and reliability. Headquartered in Chennai, India, M2P has its presence in over 20 markets across Asia and North Africa, including India, the UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, the Philippines, Bahrain, and Egypt, among others.

Onward with a Strong Foundation

When Madhusudanan co-founded M2P, the team laid down a few founding principles to adhere to – financial inclusion for all. This forms a strong basis for all their solutions and products, often catering to underbanked and unbanked segments first and foremost. 

The brand’s idea to assist businesses to enter new markets using strong, secure, and adaptable API technology stacks rests on this vision. The proliferation and affordability of the internet and smartphones has only accelerated FinTech’s reach and adoption further, though it still has a long road to cover. 

The founder’s vision and expertise have an inexplicable role to play here. Madhusudanan’s extensive knowledge in the banking and payments sector and his experience at Visa and Citibank have given him a ground-level understanding of the segments. The seasoned financial expert is putting forth this expertise in M2P’s strategy, investment, and business development verticals today. The postgraduate from the Institute for Technology and Management also has a patent with the USPTO in healthcare and prepaid payment processing. 

Under his aegis, M2P has transformed into a one-stop destination for organizations seeking the development and integration of bespoke FinTech APIs, backend integrations, tech infrastructure, and regulatory compliances. The company collaborates with FinTechs, Banks, and Financial institutions on co-creation of cost-effective products and services at greater go-to-market speeds.

Charting a Roadmap

What is now one of the continent’s largest API infrastructure company had started as a provider of Banking-as-a-Service to banks, non-banking financial companies, and fintech startups. Gradually steering their roadmap as per demand and market evolution, Madhusudanan has accelerated M2P’s position as an enabler for over 80% of fintech transactions in India, serving 40+ banks and 600+ firms. 

The company is currently working with legacy credit companies to embed advanced fintech offerings, especially in the wake of COVID-19-induced market disruption. “The term ‘FinTech’ did not even exist when we started out,” shares Madhusudanan, talking about his journey with M2P so far and future plans. 

“Today, India has become a world leader when it comes to FinTech, with enormous potential for growth. M2P wishes to continue being an enabler of this sector, creating world-class FinTech products and setting benchmarks with creative solutions both for the present landscape, and to be future-ready,” he adds.

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