Mr. Iesh Dixit, CEO & Co-founder of Powerplay

Mr. Iesh Dixit, CEO & Co-founder of Powerplay

Are you aware of the name Lesh Dixit?

Lesh Dixit is the CEO and Co-founder of Powerplay which is an end-to-end construction management SaaS platform that helps in the simplification of communication and synergizing collaboration. They owe project teams in the construction industry only.

If we talk about the capacity of the individual, then Lesh Dixit is capable enough that he heads Powerplay’s corporate team, handling both internal and external communication. He also plays a vital role in the implementation of the company’s vision and evaluating the company’s mission whether it is for the short-term or for the long term.

He maintains the smooth functioning of all departments by overseeing the holistic development of the organization.

If we talk about his education, then he acquired his bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering.

How did you get the concept for the business?

His father permitted him to perform constructive tasks in his own house.

He made a decision to renovate his house, and both the budget and timeline were exceeded by 40%. He managed his life by spending life with the carpenter and painter for a week!

Powerplay is a freemium app that basically helps in simplify communication between construction sites and central office teams.

The app enables specialty contractors, general contractors, and builders to manage site work, material, and labor on its platform.

The free modules are available for working on Android, iOS, and web browsers. The premium modules consist of project management, financial management, and procurement management services.

What is the USP of PowerPlay?

Powerplay is India’s first construction management application. The most unique and differentiated thing about the company is that it is very useful for the site teams.

Therefore, the team started utilizing the application for their own use cases, and later office teams are brought to Powerplay. The adoption is just like how teams adopted Slack, and then the whole company starts using it.

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