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Khanal Foods

Synergising Imagination, Thought and Action, Bhupendra Khanal has established two successful international FMCG brands

The grandest of visions always start with unmatched conviction. The will to transform a simple idea into an established venture takes more than effort and time. It involves a healthy synergy of imagination, thought and action. With one such instance of grit and dedication, Bhupendra Khanal has etched a memorable journey for others to emulate. 

Bhupendra Khanal is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Khanal Foods Pvt Ltd, a company that itself branches out into two international food brands of repute – Dogsee and Himalayan Natives. Pillared on the vision of a healthy ecosystem for everyone to live by, Khanal Foods has managed to make a mark for itself through a quality lineup of products trusted by users all over the world. 

A Promise Made and Delivered 

With an entrepreneurial history to his credit, Bhupendra Khanal is also at the helm of Simplify360, an analytics company that integrates all of a brand’s digital marketing activities onto one easy-to-use platform. The idea behind the venture was to help steer technological tools and advancements for meeting the need of the hour – digitisation and competitive growth. 

With Khanal Foods, however, Bhupendra had something else in mind. Rooted firmly in his belief that sound nutrition and quality products alone can help establish a healthy ecosystem for all, he went on to diversify two brands in the FMCG industry in 2015 – Himalayan Natives for natural and organic food to different age groups worldwide, and Dogsee as a natural dog treats company. 

Little did Bhupendra know that this vision of ‘Health for All’ would be able to breathe new life into the millions affected due to the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world last year. Himalayan Natives, for instance, was started with a focus on listening to what customers needed and ensuring that they get the best quality products with special emphasis on safety and hygiene. With the onset of the global pandemic and the shift in focus towards these very attributes in terms of health and nutrition, Bhupendra’s Himalayan Natives was able to create a name for itself in no time. 

Learning from Constraints

The pandemic proved to be one of the most trying times Bhupendra had to face as an entrepreneur and a leader. With several constraints that the pandemic brought on the supply chain and logistics industry, apart from the agricultural and food processing sectors in particular and commerce in general, Khanal Foods was also in for several bottlenecks. 

The company and its visionary leader, however, showed exceptional perseverance even in the face of this duress, and a determination to meet the needs of the masses timely and safely. This helped Khanal Foods ensure the delivery of their safely produced food products and establish their brand as a mark of safety, even when several other businesses were going under. 

“In any situation, you either have results or reasons. People with results grow,” Bhupendra Khanal shares. Talking about the basis of his products, Bhupendra goes on to say, “India is the home of Yoga, Ayurveda and the Himalayas, the one destination for a spiritual connection and cleansing that people resort to. Healthy, natural food is another route to this spirituality, but India is not yet known for the same. As Indian companies professing the quality, safety and health benefits of natural Indian food, it is this side of our culture that we should attempt to focus on.” 

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