Nisha Madhulika | YouTube super chef

Nisha Madhulika

It is believed that women are liable to work only in kitchens. A great chef, Nisha Madhulika showed that a kitchen can give women a better position and standard. A homemaker with only a passion for cooking stands strong as a celebrity on social media networking.

Nisha Madhulika’s life 

Nisha Madhulika was born in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. She completed her schooling and college in Uttar Pradesh. And later, completed her bachelor of science in Uttar Pradesh. She always enjoyed and loved cooking.

After getting married to M.S Gupta, she shifted to Noida and her career started by helping his husband in financial services.

Nisha Madhulika career

Nisha Madhulika started her career as a teacher and then as a marketer. Later, to help her husband, she started working and also worked as a graphic artist and helped with company accounts.

Officially in 2007, she started blogging where she used to teach how to cook Indian vegan recipes. Over the years, she has written 100 cooking recipes blogs. She started her YouTube channel in 2011, under the name “Food and Recipe”.

Career as a YouTube chef

She started the YouTube channel in 2011 and touched 18 million views and 3 million subscribers. She was one of the top YouTuber chefs in India with increasing viewers year after year.

Awards and achievements

At Social Media Summit & 2017Awards, Nisha was considered as the Top YouTube Culinary content creator. Being successful, after facing a lot of obstacles from a homemaker to a famous YouTube chef. Some of the magazines like Bloomberg, Economist, and India Today were some of the achievements attained by Nisha.

Successful women inspiration 

She is one of those achievers who attained 12.8 million subscribers and 1.9k videos on other social media. On Instagram, she directs 277k followers. Opportunities, talent, determination, and setting the proper priority, along with a pinch of the natural mix of all these, can make the perfect dish for a successful career. She enjoys cooking with heart and enjoys every failure as well. Nisha Madhulika is a woman who believes in work and tries to repeat herself for inspiring many women over the globe.

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