Palash Agrawal- Founder of Vedas Exports

Palash Agrawal- Founder of Vedas Exports

Vedas Exports manufactures the best quality handcrafted goods and exports them to various countries like Europe, the US, and UAE.

Vedas Exports manufactures home décor products like paintings, Handmade bags, Wall Décor, Wall Shelves, t-lights, woodcraft, Vases, office décor, and artifacts.

All about Palash Agrawal

Palash Agrawal completed his post-graduation from London with B. Eng from Cardiff University. After completing his education, he worked in various firms.

As we all know that home décor is a growing business and it requires a lot of creativity. He thought of the idea in-depth and started exploring the same. Once the idea was fixed, we approached designers from NIFT and other fashion institutes.

Putting out all the efforts together which took almost a year and then we started working on it. Initially, there were no sales, but we tried to reach retail stores in the online and offline format and took a boost.

What product(s) do you offer at Vedas Exports?

Vedas Exports offer home décor and accessories products like bookshelves, flower pots, wall hangings, table tops, figurines, etc.

USP of Vedas Exports

Vedas Exports is an innovative brand in the décor industry that believes in elegant designs, trends, and superior quality in the market.

Catering successfully with the increasing global demand for exquisite decorative items.

The vision of the outset

The vision of Vedas is to reach every single place where décor can be used in homes, offices, restaurants, or any other kind of place.

How many employees do Vedas Exports have?

Vedas Exports around 200 people in the team. They are working towards empowering their workforce by skilling them and making them proficient in handcraft and designing.

Future goals

The company wants to become a top brand in the Indian and International market with at least 400 sister stores across India.

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