Sequoia Capital is planning to raise $2.25 billion amid funding winter

Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital is a US-based investment firm that is expected to raise new funding worth $2.25 billion from potential VCs in the funding winter.

Sequoia Capital is working on the latest $1.5 billion US growth fund which keeps its eye upon more mature companies, as reported by the resources.

The company is also planning about a $750 million fund focused on earlier-stage deals," and has the vision to close the new funds this month.

These funds are named "sub-funds that are unveiled after the firm overhauled the structure for its US and European business.

As mentioned by the founders, the new funds came as Sequoia Capital, expecting a longer economic recovery.

Previously, Sequoia India and Southeast Asia had already raised $2.85 billion, and an $850 million Southeast Asian fund, as a motive to enable founders in building companies from idea to IPO and beyond.

The third-largest startup ecosystem in the world is India. India stands right after the US and China. At present, India has more than 100 unicorns.

Last year, Indian startups raised $42 billion across 1,583 deals, resulting in 42 unicorns.


"With the cost of capital (both debt and equity) rising, the market is signaling a strong preference for companies who can generate cash today," according to the VC firm.

"This fundraiser, which comes at a time when markets are starting to cool after a very long bull run, signals our deep commitment to the region and the faith our Limited Partners have in the long-term growth story of India and Southeast Asia," the company mentioned.


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