Serve a purpose greater than yourself, that is true Empowerment’ - Meena Mahajan

Dr Meena Mahajan

Meena Mahajan, a Social Impact Leader and a Spiritual Teacher for 25 years, believes that a human being has the power to transform the world into the most harmonious and fruitful place but is yet to realise the potential that lies dormant. Her belief and devotion towards servant leadership is inspired by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. From spreading the essence of or spiritual heritage globally to the importance of social responsibility, she has transformed the true meaning of leadership. 

Her vision

The world needs powerful leaders to transform the society into a more productive, inclusive and congenial one. Her vision is to build leaders of social impact with strong ethics. Addressing complex challenges the society faces can be done effectively with collaborative efforts of all stakeholders. 

Having dedicated 25 plus years to studying and teaching the Indian spiritual texts and translating them into powerful leadership programs, her vision is to empower individuals irrespective of one’s role in society for them to lead a productive and healthy life. 

To achieve this vision, she takes the teachings of the scriptures to the masses and delivers the most complex spiritual teachings in simple relatable language. This has enabled her work with people across spheres of life, from a student to corporate leaders, underprivileged, women and children and vulnerable sections of society. With a background in science, she has successfully worked on integrating human physiology and psychology to lead a balanced and holistic life.


She has spent 2 decades guiding leaders from corporates, defence and education sectors. She believes that leaders should have a clear understanding of their roles, and have a strong sense of purpose to bring about change in society. Only when leaders are empowered can they create inclusive and happy teams. Leaders need to emphasise on culture and commitment. Leadership must involve engagement with society and contribution towards nation building. 

According to her, a leader has no luxury for emotions to override their purpose or complaining about the challenges. Instead, they must be available at all times, physically and mentally, finding solutions, leading powerful teams.  

Meena Mahajan’s work goes beyond business leaders, to the Indian armed forces and paramilitary forces, first woman battalion of CRPF, with one clear aim of bringing about a positive change in the lives of individuals. Her interactions with the soldiers and their families have helped them work on their physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Siddhi Philanthropic Foundation 

In her own words, Siddhi is her ‘extended arm of the universe, a mission driven social impact organisation focussed on sustainable solutions. 

Any organization or team is a reflection of its leader. It is no different for Siddhi, the social impact, non-profit established to serve the society, which imbibes her philosophy of its founder - selfless service ‘SEVA’. 

During Covid, her teachings came alive, when she launched a multiprong approach called Covid Knights, with a collective initiative. Her team of 1000 plus Covid Knights across the country, were not only providing support to the front-line workers, food and medical supplies to the vulnerable sections of the society, but were an alternate support system. 

With over 25000 volunteers, across India , Siddhi works with a multi-pronged approach with mainly 3 focus areas:

H.O.P.E (Help Other People Eat) A sustainable food security model for the underprivileged and vulnerable communities. HOPE FOOD CARTS are a big step towards Atmanirbhar Bharat, helping the urban poor by providing healthy food and a fruit in Rs.5/-. 

The focus of this initiative is health and nutrition of underprivileged communities. 

Siddhi has created a food revolution, with over 2000 meals distributed each day, with 10,000 ration kits given each month to the slum dwellers and other remote regions of the country. 

Mission Shakti: 

Siddhi’s Health and Sanitation Awareness program for women of the underprivileged and the vulnerable sections of society, including transgenders and high-risk groups.

Over 2500 sanitary kits and grooming kits are distributed to women each month . 

A remarkable milestone was the adoption of Aspirational district of Chandauli, UP. Working with 25 villages under this initiative has been effective in creating awareness about education, health , hygiene and giving them employment opportunities. 

A sanitary production unit has been installed here, which employs women from the villages and provides them with sanitary pads @Re1/-. 

Rural Development and Skill Enhancement, 

under the transformation of Aspirational districts program, siddhi has adopted 25 villages in district Chandauli in UP.  The mission is to transform some of the most underdeveloped districts of the country. 

A Gurukul program has been launched that is creating opportunity for the rural children to learn and develop interest in higher education.

Meena Mahajan has changed the outlook towards social impact organisations. All her social initiatives are designed to empower the youth. 

If the youth of the country realise their social responsibility by being aligned to the higher purpose, our country will have a different face”, she says. 

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