Sourced office a multi-decade trend: Kunal Walia, CEO & Founder, Simpliwork Offices

Kunal Walia - CEO & Founder, Simpliwork Offices.

A shift becomes a trend when it is not limited to one category of customers, but is applicable across sectors,” says Kunal Walia, CEO & Founder of Simpliwork Offices, one of India’s largest outsourced office partners. From top IT companies and BSFI firms to MNCs and leading Indian businesses across sectors, the demand for flexible workspaces is at an all-time high.

It’s pent-up demand,” explains Walia. After over two years of pandemic uncertainty and limited decision-making in the corporate real estate space, organisations are now investing in cost-effective, efficient, agile, and sustainable office spaces.

Currently, the outsourced office segment accounts for nearly 22-26% of corporate leasing in India, up from 7-8% in 2018. “The numbers are predicted to go up to 48% in the next 7 to 8 years. This is a multi-decade trend,” notes the Bengaluru-based entrepreneur.

Today, two of the largest accounting firms in the world are our clients; one of the largest credit card networks is our customer. As are some of the biggest hedge funds in the world. So, we are not only dealing with IT back offices, but with core operations, and even companies with financially sensitive data,” he says.

Businesses are making the shift to outsourced offices, with flexibility and cash conservation becoming top priority. The need to support

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