SutraHR Launches India’s 1st HR Toolkit

SutraHR Launches India’s 1st HR Toolkit

Creating HR Docs is a time-consuming process. Creating these documents, letters, policies, etc., is not an easy task especially, in the SME industry and ever-evolving Startups. SutraHR, a well-known company in the HR Tech Industry, created a new product like the StartupHR Toolkit, which are already-to-use HR document template. Launched during the COVID pandemic, StartupHR Toolkit helps HRs and entrepreneurs’ money, and efforts, and saves time.

The Beginning

SutraHR was a pioneer of startup hiring in India. Their experience is having recruited more than 5000 professionals over the decade. During the COVID pandemic, when other companies went on a hiring freeze, SutraHR saw an opportunity in the HR documents space and launched India’s 1st HR TOOLKIT – ‘StartupHR Toolkit’. Today, this toolkit is utilized by more than 12,000 organizations.

The Smart Way to Make HR Docs

It contains more than 1,000 Job opportunities Descriptions, 200+ HR forms, 90+ HR Manuals, 60+ Letter Templates, and 200+ Employee Policies.

Firstly, complete the payment, then you can install all the templates in one click only.

Bringing the HR Tech Revolution

SutraHR is one of Asia's fastest-growing HR companies that aspire to be among the best three HR companies based in India in 2024. It is a multi-million-dollar enterprise having the strength of more than 60 employees and gunning for 100+ employees in a year’s time. To become a highly inspiring and experiential HR brand, SutraHR works with many companies in the e-commerce platform, mobile, and new-age technology space, where many companies go from zero to billion dollars in less than five years.

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