Top 5 Agritech Startups in Delhi


Agriculture plays a vital role in the global economy is currently going through a crisis. The advancement in AgriTech is for a good cause for the economy. In the era, farmers are dealing with challenges like:

  • Fragmented Land Holdings,
  • Seed And Crop Quality,
  • Availability Of Input,
  • Supply Chain And Storage,
  • Weather And Climate Circumstances, As Well As
  • Soil Nutrition.

 All these barriers were solved using AgriTech solutions. Here In this article, we have listed the top 10 AgriTech companies that are revolutionizing farming.


AgriTech startup AgNext, is an India-based startup that innovates the agricultural value chain with technology. The startup applies three factors, computer vision, spectral analytics, and the internet of things, for the instant product result for food quality to ensure effective trade, production, warehousing, and consumption.

With the help of AI and data analytics, we can analyze the content part of the new food. The traditionally grown crops create a load that can be removed by diversification of the crops.


WayCool Foods & Product Pvt Ltd was founded in 2015, targets to build the world’s largest food development. The company impacts 500,000 farmers’ lives.

  • Reduces food wastage,
  • Automize product handling,

WayCool monetizes the supply chain and follows end-to-end digital tracking. Machine Learning algorithms are used for forecasting. WayCool’s operations are as follows:

  • Product Sourcing,
  • Food Processing,
  • Branding And Marketing,
  • Last-Mile Distribution, And
  • Farm Input.


AgriBazaar is also a stop of AgriTech, which uses smart systems for providing future-ready solutions to Indian agriculture. The dependability, consistency, and sustainability of the businesses are ensured by cutting-edge technologies.

The services provided by the company are:

  • Precision Agriculture,
  • Warehousing,
  • Agri-Trading And Finance & Payment,
  • Efficiency of the Entire Ecosystem.

Being an open online market, AgriBazaar provides a platform for the farmers to sell their grown harvests directly to the consumers at reasonable prices. This process doesn’t involve any middleman.


Ninjacart is an India-based supply chain company that solves the toughest problems in the farming industry through technology. The company directly connects producers of food with retailers, restaurants, and service providers using applications.

The supply ensures high-quality and hygienically handled products to the consumers. The supply chain of any product that includes-

  • Distributor,
  • Warehouse,
  • Transportation,
  • Middleman,
  • Retailer,
  • Final User Or Consumer.
  • Maintains Overall Transparency Of The Entire Process.


Aquaconnect promotes sustainability through data-driven farm advisory yet marketplace solutions for Aqua Farmers. The company provides services like:

  • Farm Management Assistance,
  • Field Support,
  • Formal Finance,
  • Market Reaching.

The $7.1 billion aquaculture sector is the inspiration for the company. Previously, Aquaconnect got the angel funding from HATCH, the world’s leading aquaculture-focused startup.

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