Slowly the world is moving towards digitalization and the adoption of tech in every company and startup is increasing tremendously. This is not only making the working of startups simpler but is also creating various job opportunities in our country and our world. India is becoming a tech hub and within no time we will be the top country to produce the soundest tech professionals. With the latest tech trends like AI, data science, IoT, and a lot more young and brilliant entrepreneurs are taking in these specializations and are trying to build an empire out of it.

The software industry in our country has been a great source that has given a boost to our economy. More and more people are getting into the tech field because of the increasing demand and as we move further in the fourth phase of industrialization, it won’t be far that technology will take over entirely. A lot of startups are coming up which are either service-based or product-based but either way is using the tech line to get themselves established and well-known in the market. There are a lot of Indian software startups which are reaching great heights and some of them are:


When we say technology, we can’t forget the most indigenous and well-developed company called Infosys Ltd which was started by N.R. Narayana Murthy. This company provides outsourcing services, business consulting, and information technology services. When the younger generation looks for employment, Infosys remains their top choice because of the impressive packages they have and the high skill-set they want their employees to have.


Tata consultancy service of TCS happens to be another such brand that is the face of software development in our country. With being one of the biggest firms in our country, they have now established their branches across 49 countries and are one of the biggest startups to ever exist. Their services range from IoT, mobile applications, cloud solutions, custom software development, AI, and a lot more. This was a subsidiary project of the tata group and is now one of the biggest MNCs.


By being one of the best brands to buy laptops or PCs from, HCL is a household name now. This startup was initially started in a garage and is now one of the biggest MNCs in the world and their services are availed worldwide. It is the biggest startup that is even credited to bring about a huge change in the IT sector of India with its innovative ideas and designs.


This is a pretty new startup that was started back in 2007 in Bengaluru and is now operating in Asia, the middle east, and North America. They have their services ranging from global technology services, integrated facility management, people and service, and a lot more. This is one of the top software developing companies which our country has produced and they are to grow more with the coming time.


When we talk about technology, Accenture is probably the first name we remember. This company which is now in the top 500 fortune global list is one of the top companies in India currently. Their services are in cloud solutions, software development, salesforce, and a lot more. They have their branches across 120 countries and over 492K employees in total. By being one of the biggest technological advancement companies, Accenture is an epic example of top software startups.