Start-ups begin with an extensive and clear vision, but the funding isn't all too significant for it. They need to optimize the resources available to them and form the right strategies that would help them step towards the success of their company. They keep finding ways to earn more and formulate plans that will work for them longer. To do so, necessary tools and equipment are required which would cater to their day to day needs without being too costly and will work in a smooth and easy-going manner. Start-ups need to put their time and energy into many things, and marketing is one of the most critical steps.

Marketing is exceptionally vital for any start-up as it helps them establish command in the market. Once they are known and recognized, their sales and graphs are bound to go up. Using the right tactics is extremely important. When you start an organization, you don't necessarily have experience in that zone, so you need to use whatever available tools and capital you have to their last extend. The concept of using essential and innovative marketing tools comes into play here.

Some of the most famous marketing tools are:


Google is one such brand and search engine everyone knows and trusts. While the concept of saving data is quite essential in any business, especially start-ups, most of the tools they use are paid. Google analytics comes free of cost and using this and the tools mentioned within it, and you can keep track of your website and the amount of traffic it is gathering quite quickly. With this stored data, you can identify your target audience and build your services over it.

  • LUMEN5

Social media marketing is at boom currently, and providing and curating fresh content remains a significant task. While you can have a creative team dedicated to it, you need the right tools for them to have a straightforward process of making content. Lumen5 is a video creation tool that allows people with minimal or no experience creating video content for their websites and pages within minutes. The photos and videos you can access from the app are free of any copyright issues, and thus it is a very accessible application.


As a start-up, the initial few years of your journey are complex, and you can end up forgetting certain things. When you think about social media marketing, you need to be consistent in your strategy and keep posting without breaks. The social pilot is an application that allows you to manage your time and create reminders for a post and other things required for good scheduling.  


You need to have a good and exciting landing page so that they can get the surety of getting a good and fun service when people visit it. Lead pages is one such application that allows you to have an easy designing experience of building a webpage by using the millions of templates and designs they have stored. Sometimes as a start-up, you want to save as much as you can, and the lead page allows you to cover the additional cost of hiring a designer. 


You need to be aware of the following steps your competition is taking. Having a well-established website isn't enough because you need to compete with other pages whose visibility is more. This is where SE ranking comes into play and an SEO-based application that helps you target your competitors' keywords. This is one of the most effective tools with all the SEO-related information and resources compiled in one, and thus they are pretty helpful.