Top Health Start-ups that are leading the health care sector

Health Start-ups

2020 was a crucial year for the country in terms of healthcare. Many businesses faced grave losses because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a lot of businesses that bloomed. It included the healthcare sector of our society which was in demand the most. It was recorded that the health tech sector raised $445 million in funding and several start-ups joined the league of being the top pharmaceutical or healthtech company in the country. With their innovative ideas and promising services, they have made their way to the top and have been rising ever since.

Some of the leading health start-ups are:


It is the leading online pharmacy with a million customers on it. It is quite established and has supported people from over 19,000 pin codes across the country. They have all kinds and varieties of medicines and drugs available for the patients and, they provide it with proper safety and care. Nothing is given without a prescription and, their highly trained chemists and workers make sure everyone remains safe and gets their medications on time. It now has $512 million and is growing considerably.


This is an innovative healthcare start-up as it allows the patients and their customers to save their medical documents on it, and they can access it anywhere at any time. This saves them from filing and making sure all the papers are in one place at all times as everything will be available online for them to refer to when needed. They keep your data safe and secure and also provide you with a detailed report of the same with easy graphs and charts for you to understand.


It is a major platform focused on providing medical treatment to patients around the world. This lets the patients and the customers connect with doctors from across the world and use their services by sitting at home and talking to them through video conferencing and chats. It has over 1 lakh doctor profiles from all over India and Singapore and is a leading company in healthcare right now. It is a Bangalore-based start-up and has been on the rise ever since it was launched.


One of the leading pharmacies online, pharmeasy, connects your local pharmacies to you through their app and provides all kinds of medication the patients require through their prescriptions. Their fast delivery services and emergency service is some of the factors for the success of pharmeasy. It now serves more than 1 lakh families across India and has been growing incredibly.


This new and unique concept is based on connecting blood and platelet donors to the needy. It now has more than 1.25 lakh, active donors on the website and, it had helped so many people get the blood immediately when they needed it. They have been able to reach 15,000 customers so far and have been increasing.


It helps people reach e-stores to get fitness-related products and reach their goals. It is a Gurgaon-based start-up and has been quite successful so far. They offer nutrition supplements, baby care products, home medical services, etc. their products are exported from outside and are up to the mark.

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