Vikesh Shah - Business idea of 99 Pancakes

Vikesh Shah - Business idea of 99 Pancakes

Success Story of Indian Entrepreneur Vikesh Shah, who founded the 99 Pancakes

To stand in any organization, an entrepreneur requires two main aspects: dedication and hard work.

Vikesh Shah was born and brought to Mumbai and has set an example with the invention of 99 pancakes. In 1985, at the age of 18, after completing his schooling, Vikesh started working in a bakery to meet the financial needs of his family. His father was a diamond merchant and he suffered heavy losses in his business.

At present, he has an earnings of about ₹ 7 crores every year.

His mother used to take tuition classes and Vikesh started working in a bakery for a salary of ₹ 700 per month. Vikesh also served his services in a pub, perfume, and travel agency.

While being active on his job, Vikesh felt that baking is his future. The very first turning point in this entrepreneurial journey took place in the year 1997. The year when Vikesh started his own catering business.

He further continued his business for ten years, after that he finally started his brick and mortar cake shop by the name of ‘The Happiness Daily’ in the year 2007, which exists till date.

Entrepreneurial Journey from Cakeshop to Pancakes

Vikesh invested all his savings, amounting to ₹ 4 lakh in the business, and also borrowed money from his close friends and relatives to kickstart the business.

He faced many challenges in this. But he did not give up as he attained a lot of confidence from years of experience. After the opening of the shop, the orders started coming his way.

Eventually, he began delivering donuts, cakes, pastries, and other bakery products directly to customers by himself. Later, Vikesh launched ’99 Pancakes’, a few years back. It was a sweet twist in his entrepreneurial journey.

Success Mantra

Vikesh had a belief that money should not be chased. Vikesh urges Indian young entrepreneurs to be patient and calm. He has seen that young entrepreneurs often grow faster and thus, make money faster.

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