WhatsApp comes after Google in providing cash-back rewards to win WhatsappPay users in India

WhatsApp, Google

WhatsApp is running a campaign that is providing ₹11. As per the reporting analytics up to 3 times to users if they send money to 3 different people on the app the feature will be applied. 

The rewards are coming on its way when WhatsApp is venturing to expand the reach of its mobile payments service in India. Even as WhatsApp began traversing mobile payments in India as early as 2017, regulatory pushback has prevented the popular app from aggressively expanding its payments service.

WhatsApp got some reassurance earlier this month when the NPCI, the payments body that oversees the popular payments protocol UPI, which WhatsApp is utilizing, permitted the messaging firm to enlarge the payments service to 100 million users, up from 40 million earlier.

WhatsApp began testing the cash-back rewards in India in November of the current year, extending the advantage to users who have been using the app for at least 30 days and have registered for payments on WhatsApp by mentioning their bank account details.

WhatsApp Business users are not eligible.

The company revealed that they’re introducing a cashback promotion for selected WhatsApp users. If you become entitled to the promotion, you might see a banner within the app, or a gift icon while sending money to an eligible receiver.

They are running a campaign offering cashback incentives in a gradual manner to our users as a way to unlock the potential of payments on WhatsApp. The safe, secure and easy-to-use digital payments are an essential part of scaling India’s digital economy, and we’ll continue to create awareness of payments on WhatsApp as part of our broader efforts to bring the next 500 million Indians onto the digital payments ecosystem.

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