Zoho is supporting robotics and Genrobotics

Robotics and Genrobotics

Zoho Corporation which is a Chennai- based organization has recently invested Rs 20 crore in Trivandrum-based robotics company, Genrobotics. Genrobotics is an AI company that develops robotics and AI-powered solutions for hazardous working conditions.

This investment has counted as Zoho’s seventh investment in Indian startups. Before Genrobotics, Zoho had put its money of $5 million in September 2021in Bengaluru-based Voxelgrids, which builds Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners in India. 

The company had also employed $10 million people across nearly five deep-tech startups over the years including automated visual inspection company Zentron Labs, medical device maker vTitan, publishing company New Horizon Media and fabless semiconductor company Signalchip.

Zoho is investing in various companies to make an initiative to nurture the tech ecosystem in India.

Genrobotics was founded by Vimal Govind MK, Arun George, Nikhil NP, and Rashid Bin Abdulla Khan in the year 2015. The company deals in products like the Bandicoot robot which helps clean confined spaces such as sewer manholes, sewer wells, stormwater manholes, oily water sewers, and stormwater sewers in refineries.


"We have backed a variety of companies and this would be the seventh. We are not actively scouting for investments, and this happens because the founders of these companies share a philosophy similar to Zoho," Sridhar Vembu, CEO and Co-founder of Zoho.

“Nurturing a thriving deep-tech ecosystem in India is one of Zoho’s priorities and the investment in Genrobotics is a continuation of that commitment,” said Vembu.

“Building such technological competencies and critical know-how locally can help foster sustainable growth across key sectors, like industrial manufacturing, healthcare, and energy, in turn making the country economically stronger and self-reliant,” said Vembu.

He added, “Making this a reality requires focused, long-term investments that support home-grown deep-tech startups through intensive R&D and engineering phases, and enable them to bring their ideas to the market. Looking at how far they have come already in this journey, Genrobotics' vision resonates with us  at Zoho and we are happy to fast-track their efforts and support them in their mission to end manual scavenging.”

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